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Balboa Park through the years

Plans, histories, & commentaries

California Building Obscured (Tribune-Sun article, April 26, 1944.
Courtesy Marston family archives)

The Cabrillo Bridge, Caltrans, & Balboa Park by Richard W. Amero (15-page pdf)

Thesis analyzing Balboa Park from the early 1900s to the 1980s (77-page pdf)

Balboa Park Master Plan, adopted by City Council on July 25, 1989 (183-page pdf)

2004 Civitas land use, circulation and parking study, (131-page pdf)

Balboa Park: An urban history, by Jonathan Bechtol, 2009

Plaza de Panama Circulation & Parking Structure Project

SOHO's Plan

To Save Balboa Park

The Sanders/Jacobs Plan for Balboa Park

Balboa Park through the years

Media Coverage


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